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Pioneer in Holistic Company Growth

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Circular Growth – Pioneer in Holistic Company Growth

Date of Publication: January 22, 2024

The international growth marketing agency Circular Growth was founded in summer 2023 and completely redefines corporate growth. It pursues a 360-degree growth approach that sees marketing, sales and innovation as a unified discipline and enables company growth from both, the inside and the outside through growth and performance coaching.

Background of the Founder

Julia Schlader is the founder and managing director of Circular Growth ( She has been working in marketing and growth for over 13 years, five of which in London, NYC and as a digital nomad in over 30 countries worldwide. Julia Schlader is a recognized growth marketing expert, teaches in the MBA course “Digital Marketing and Data Management” and regularly gives lectures – the next one, for example, on Tue, 30.1. from 17-19h at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Young Economy Association on the topic “Masterclass: Business Growth for SMEs – How to quickly lead your company to growth”.

Innovative Approach to Success

What exactly is growth marketing? It refers to long-term and sustainable company growth based on a variety of different marketing and sales techniques. One of these is for example growth hacking, by which a variety of different growth experiments are being carried out in so-called sprints over short periods of time in order to quickly identify potential growth levers (so-called “growth circles”). Innovation is the upstream step that constantly needs to be integrated in order for a company to survive and be successful over the long run. Far too often, marketing and sales are being seen separately, which doesn’t lead to the most direct way of growing. A holistic view of company growth with the support of marketing and sales automation as well as coaching creates an innovative growth approach that automatically leads to success when applied correctly.

Growth through Coaching

Circular Growth’s growth, sales and performance coaching is all about self-empowerment and accelerated business growth, which is being supported by individual and team coaching sessions that can be used in an agile way to reach the business goals even faster. The Circular Growth team uses the GROW approach of The Coaching Academy in London, England. This is a questioning technique that works alternately with the right and left hemispheres of the brain leading to an increase in motivation and specific action items after each session. Very often, the needed growth know-how is already available and present in the respective companies and by identifying and using it in a targeted manner, a so-called (GR)-WOW effect can be achieved, which also leads to the desired results from a data-driven viewpoint.

Quote from Julia Schlader

“It is time that we use the resources and skills available in companies for growth marketing in order to realize the maximum growth potential of businesses. This is the only way to achieve sustainable company growth in today’s world.”

Current Growth Promotion

Until February 29, 2024, one free growth consultation or coaching session can be booked directly via the Circular Growth website. This allows businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to receive first-hand “quick wins” for business growth.

Press Contact

Julia Schlader,, +43 660 317 217 9,

Circular Growth is an innovative growth marketing agency that sets a new standard for long-term business growth. With Julia Schlader as CEO & Founder and an experienced team, Circular Growth offers a holistic approach to growth and success.

Visit the website to get more insights about the services offered or to schedule your free growth consulting.

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Julia Schlader
CEO at Circular Growth

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