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Sales Consulting

Sales Strategy, Coaching & Consulting

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Sales Strategy

Our team at Circular Growth supports you as consultants and coaches to develop the optimal sales approach for your company. We assist you in increasing your turnover, generating high-quality leads and automating your sales. Circular Growth’s sales consulting and coaching ensures that you achieve and ideally even over-exceed your sales targets. Our team works with you to develop your sales strategy. We then define realistic, ambitious sales targets, advise you with different approaches along the sales funnel and support you in rolling out all sales measures. Any time, we will be available to check back on the results in our role consultants, sparring partners and sales coaches.

Lead Generation Strategy

Sales Automation & Implementation

Sales Mentoring & Consulting

Sales Coachings & Workshops

Integrated Marketing & Sales Approach

At Circular Growth, we pursue an integrated marketing and sales approach. We are convinced that the marketing and sales processes in every company should be closely coordinated and linked with one another in order to achieve the overarching strategic corporate goals in the best possible way. Our Circular Growth team specializes in lead generation and marketing/sales automation. We also act as a sales and performance coaches to get the most out of your sales strategy. Our sales consulting therefore takes all current and planned marketing and sales measures into account and constantly tracks joint, cross-disciplinary key figures and KPIs to achieve the sales goals in the most direct way.

B2C & B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Our growth experts work with you to develop the optimal lead generation strategy for your individual company, so you can start acquiring new customers quickly. We develop individual solutions for your B2C and B2B customers and hereby incorporate proven methods of marketing, sales and growth hacking. Circular Growth achieves business growth through a combination of direct and indirect lead and customer contact methods. To achieve this, our team first analyzes your sales funnel while taking into account previous and planned marketing and sales measures. We also involve your employees as part of the strategy development in a way to receive the desired results in the most effective way.

Marketing & Sales Automation

Many sales mechanisms are still controlled manually nowadays, even in larger companies. This often leads to inefficiencies and very often to sales targets not being achieved. By supporting you with the automation of certain sales and marketing processes, your sales team can concentrate better on essential tasks and responsibilities while hence achieving their sales targets more quickly. Our marketing and sales automation techniques and tools at Circular Growth allow us to implement your lead generation strategy in a mostly automated way. There are many different tools to choose from and we make sure to recommend those techniques and processes that best fit to your industry and company. And even throughout the sales and lead generation process, you can be sure that we will support you as a sparring partner and in our role as sales coach.

Lead Generation & Automation Techniques

Clear KPI System & Success Control

Technical Workflow Implementation

Automated, data-driven A/B Tests & Optimizations

Sales Coachings

We tailor our sales and performance coaching sessions precisely to your specific business needs. Our Circular Growth team uses a combination of team and individual coaching to best support your sales team, which has proven to be most successful in sales. We involve all relevant sales and marketing employees in your company in order to achieve the sales targets set at both employee and company level. This allows us to stay focussed on the overall company sales goals. Our sales coaching sessions usually start on a weekly basis and can be extended to a monthly interval as our collaboration progresses. Our coaching sessions focus strongly on identifying the respective performance drivers at individual and team level and constantly aligning these with the overall corporate strategy.

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CEO at Circular Growth

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