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Coaching & Workshops

Performance, Growth and Sales Coachings & Workshops

Coaching Offer

Our coaching services at Circular Growth are aimed at companies that want to improve their long-term performance and accelerate their business growth through the involvement of their employees. Our coaching approach actively engages your marketing and sales team by bringing out their full potential. The use of both, individual and group coaching has proven to achieve the best results, yet we always build the coaching concept around your individual business needs. We usually start with growth and performance coachings at an individual level and support this approach with team and department-level workshops. The result of our coaching sessions is an increase in employee and business performance, which is noticeable both at a personal level and in the form of faster company growth.

Growth Coaching

Coaching with a focus on rapid yet sustainable company growth.

Performance Coaching

To improve performance both, at individual and team level.

Sales Coaching

We bring out the best results in your sales employees.

Growth Coaching

Our growth coaching can be seen as a growth lever in companies. Circular Growth uses this coaching format specifically at the level of company owners, CEOs, managers and high-potential employees in marketing and sales. In a first step, we develop the company vision together with the top management and derive short-, medium- and long-term goals. We then translate these into department-specific growth targets and develop strategies and approaches to manage and support the desired company growth from within the company in order to achieve the targeted company growth even faster.

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Performance Coaching

Our performance coaching sessions are based on the GROW model, which is an internationally used, practice-oriented coaching process. As part of this approach, each coaching session goes through four phases – the Goal or goal-setting phase (G), the Reality phase (R) to compare the goal with the current situation, the Options phase (O) to identify as many different strategies and scenarios as possible and finally the Way Forward or Willpower phase (W), in which specific measures are agreed upon with binding effect. All of our coaching is carried out in an agile and flexible manner in order to achieve the best possible performance progress. In addition, relevant coaching tools are used at certain points to enable further accelerated growth.

Sales Coaching

Our Circular Growth team works with you to develop a long-term sales strategy. As part of this, we define all sales KPIs and review them at regular intervals. We offer sales coaching to provide your employees with the best possible support to achieve the expected performance and to increase their impact and effectiveness. Our coaching is tailored to your sales team and supports your employees in achieving a maximum of performance and results at every step of the sales funnel.

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Agility & SCRUM

At Circular Growth, we assist our clients in becoming more agile and applying methodologies, like SCRUM, to adjust to today’s business needs. Our agility workshops and coachings are designed to equip your team with the essential tools and principles necessary for adapting, collaborating and delivering the expected results. At the beginning of our collaoboration, we usually focus on the core concepts of agile leadership and different styles of working together. We then explain how the SCRUM framework can be used based on your individual company’s culture. Circular Growth works with interactive elements and tools to empower your team to get the knowledge and skills necessary to drive successful projects in an agile context and to navigate complexities within your company and market environment.

Growth Workshops & Seminars

Circular Growth offers customized growth workshops and seminars. These serve to build knowledge and transfer know-how in specific growth areas as well as to improve performance within the team. We hold workshops on topics, such as growth marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), performance marketing, growth hacking and tracking. As part of our coaching workshops, we support your business with specific objectives, solutions and performance measures and act as a facilitator on your journey to making your team stronger and more impactful. Our growth workshops and seminars are tailored to your individual company needs, your industry and stakeholders, enabling us to address your specific challenges in the best possible way.

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