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Growth Services

Our growth marketing and sales services at Circular Growth are tailored to your individual business needs. Let us guide you through our growth portfolio and decide how we can best support you with your desired company growth.

Growth Consulting

As an expert in business growth, we help companies achieve their desired growth targets faster and more effectively. Our Circular Growth team analyzes your online presence, market environment as well as previous marketing and sales activities. We then come up with data-driven growth strategies for your individual business. Our plans and measures include clear KPIs, timelines and responsibilities. In our role as a consultant and coach, we support you with the implementation of the previously identified growth hacks in order to achieve scalable growth for your business. We also assist our clients over the medium to long term as a mentor and sparring partner.

Marketing Strategy

We create or optimize your marketing strategy and implement all identified growth marketing measures together with you. Our growth approach is based on an initial analysis of your current omnichannel approach. We take a look at your target groups and your positioning compared to your competition and define clear marketing goals. We achieve our goals through a marketing mix tailored to your individual company needs. We hereby use all relevant offline and online marketing channels and retain those that are most effective, which we measure on the basis of regular performance reviews.

Digital Marketing

We assist with the creation of your online marketing presence and optimize your digital success. This includes areas such as keyword research, website and search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, Google and Microsoft Ads (SEA), Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram), LinkedIn Ads, online advertising campaigns (TikTok, Reddit, Pinterest, X), email marketing, online website tracking, automated marketing reporting and much more. In addition, we support you in our role as marketing consultants and recommend marketing strategies as well as growth areas to help you achieve the desired online success more quickly.

Sales Consulting

Circular Growth offers a wide range of sales services, such as sales consulting, lead generation techniques, marketing and sales automation as well as sales coaching. We have over a decade of experience in business development and sales, and work with you to develop a sales strategy tailored to your individual company, clients and employees. We actively involve your internal resources and pass on our sales know-how so that you can develop and expand your sales expertise in an efficient and goal-oriented way. Find out more about our expertise in sales by arranging a complimentary initial sales consultation to discover how we can best address your specific sales needs.

Growth Coaching & Workshops

Our Circular Growth team actively involves your leadership level, managers and employees in the overall company growth process. We offer growth coaching at individual, team and department level to address your performance and strategy needs in a multifaceted way. Our workshops are topic and focus-specific in order to further expand specific marketing, sales and growth knowledge in your company. This way you can involve your entire workforce and empower your employees to play a key role by actively participating in as well as accelerating the growth of your company.

“Marketing is the art of creating genuine customer value. It is the art of helping your customer become better off. The marketer’s watchwords are quality, service, and value.”

Philip Kotler

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We support your business with an optimized marketing and sales presence to achieve the desired company growth.

Julia Schlader
CEO at Circular Growth

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