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About Us

Circular Growth is a growth marketing agency, growth consultant and coach. Growth is our passion and this at every single level and layer of a business. Our growth philosophy pursues an iterative, long-term marketing and sales approach with a 360° perspective.

Our Team

Our Circular Growth team consists of experts in growth marketing, sales, communication, online marketing and coaching. We have over 12 years’ international experience across Europe, the UK, USA and Asia. We work in an agile and efficient way to provide you with the best possible support towards your company’s growth. Depending on your individual requirements and the scope of our collaboration, we develop your tailored growth strategy that suits your needs in the best possible way. Once the roadmap is clear, we implement it step by step together with you.

Our Team Members

Julia Schlader CEO Circular Growth

Julia Schlader

CEO & Founder

Birgit Anna Reischl Partner Strategy & Communication Circular Growth

Birgit Reischl

Partner Strategy & Communication

Lisa Brandstetter Digital Marketing Consultant Circular Growth

Lisa Brandstetter

Digital Marketing Consultant

Thomas Krügl Circular Growth

Thomas Krügl


Pilar Garcia de Alba

Pilar Garcia de Alba

Digital Marketing Expert

Matt Banton Photographer

Matt Banton

Photographer & Videographer

Julian Konrath

IT Manager

Raphael Puttinger SEO & SEA Manager Circular Growth

Raphael Puttinger

SEO & SEA Manager

Circular Growth - Growth Marketing Agency Team

Our Story at Circular Growth

Our name Circular Growth stands for iterative growth in circles or loops. We focus our growth approach on measures that quickly lead our clients to the desired growth and success. At the same time, we see growth from a 360° perspective and hence as a circle. Our view is that growth can best happen if marketing, product development, sales, HR and growth overall are being seen as one holistic discipline. Also, did you know that the initials of our company name also form a circle? This cannot be a coincidence!

Our Philosophy

We believe that a company can only achieve long-term, sustainable growth if professional and personal growth are being seen as a reciprocal, circular process. This can be positively influenced by the company, the employees and the stakeholders in a variety of different ways. We know that crucial growth know-how usually already exists within companies. Our Circular Growth team helps you in identifying it and using it in such a way that it ideally leads to exponential growth.

Who we are

Circular Growth is a business consultancy specializing in marketing, sales and coaching. We are based in Vienna, Austria in the heart of Europe. Our team is working in a multidisciplinary way with a global mindset. We are internationally well connected and enjoy working on projects across different industries worldwide. This way we can stay up to date with the latest growth techniques and constantly expand our growth expertise. Our team works with start-ups, SMEs and corporations, which allows us to transfer growth learnings and levers from one company size and industry to another.

Highly Skilled

Our growth experts at Circular Growth have been working nationally and internationally in marketing, growth, sales and coaching for over 12 years.


We have turned our passion into our profession, are highly motivated and happy to pass on our knowledge and expertise to your company.

Growth Expertise

We facilitate 360° growth on a personal, professional and corporate level by identifying the growth levers for your individual company and circumstances.

Contact us today.

We support your business with an optimized marketing and sales presence to achieve the desired company growth.

Julia Schlader
CEO at Circular Growth

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