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Growth Marketing Consulting & Coaching

Our growth marketing agency Circular Growth helps you with integrated company growth by focussing on a growth strategy, digital marketing, sales consulting and performance coaching.

Growth Strategy

Our marketing agency creates your growth marketing and sales strategy, where we identify all relevant growth measures and potential.

Digital Marketing

Our expertise covers all digital marketing channels, such as SEO, Google Ads (SEA), social media, website and content marketing.

Coaching & Workshops

Circular Growth enhances your company growth through growth coaching as well as tailored trainings and workshops.

Integrated Growth

Circular Growth takes a holistic view of your company from a 360° perspective and identifies the optimal growth measures for you. Our growth marketing agency sees marketing, sales and coaching as one unified discipline to achieve the desired company growth. For our growth approach, Circular Growth involves your employees and your existing internal core competencies to achieve the best possible outcome. We focus on your digital marketing presence including SEO, Google Ads (SEA) and Social Media Marketing to get the best possible results for you. Our team also supports you with workshops and coaching sessions to facilitate long-term, integrated and sustainable growth.

Circular Growth - Growth Marketing Agency

We work on individual solutions

All of our marketing agency’s growth solutions are individually tailored to your specific company and employees. Having a distinctive marketing strategy in place and a unique position in the market are the prerequisites for your company to stand out clearly in the market. Our Circular Growth team identifies all growth measures. We then prioritize all operational tasks and implement them in a team together with you. This allows growth from within and from outside of your company. Creative lateral thinking is allowed and proactively encouraged.

Our Team

Circular Growth can help you grow your business in the short, medium and long run. The marketing approach of our agency builds on many years of international experience in marketing, sales, growth hacking and coaching. We apply the latest growth techniques to quickly achieve your desired growth goals. Our Circular Growth team of marketers and certified growth and performance coaches always responds to your individual needs. We support you with strategy development and hands-on implementation.

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What our customers say.

“Highly recommendable her for their exceptional strategic mindset in marketing and sales as well as their hands-on approach to executing plans.”

Marco Vitula

“I found my coaching sessions to be really useful, highly motivating and directional”

Bronwen Hex

“Their strategic approaches and perspectives in the respective fields were very helpful.”

Barbara Seidl

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We support your business with an optimized marketing and sales presence to achieve the desired company growth.

Julia Schlader
CEO at Circular Growth

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